The Information below is for those clients that have already, been through their Community Supervision Officer (CSO), Registered and paid for their class. Please remember that if you find a conflict in a class you are notify your CSO immediately so you can be rescheduled. For the rescheduled classes you may be required to pay a rescheduling fee. For any other questions please contact your CSCO at their office.


DWI Victim Impact Panel
Nueces County – CSCD DWI Victim Impact Panel provides DWI offenders/defendants an opportunity to learn the devastating consequences driving while intoxicated has on physical and emotions injuries and up to death.

 Theft Class
A 15 hour comprehensive, therapeutic and education program designed to explore the cost of a destructive lifestyle and reveal the value of developing responsible thinking.

Drug Offender Education Program 
The standardized program is 15 hours in length and is designed to increase the knowledge of dangers of drug abuse and associated illegal use patterns, and to assist them in developing personal action plan which will reduce the probability of suffering the consequences of future drug use and illegal behavior.