Prison Rape Elimination Act

Nueces County S.A.T.F. has mandated zero-tolerance towards all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.  Such conduct is prohibited by this policy and will not be tolerated; to include resident-on-resident sexual abuse or harassment and employee-on-resident sexual abuse or harassment.  It is Nueces County S.A.T.F.’s policy to aggressively
investigate all allegations, regardless of the source, and prosecute those who are involved in incidents of sexual activity between residents or employee/volunteers/contractors and residents, regardless of consensual status, is strictly prohibited and subject to administrative and criminal disciplinary sanctions. Report any / all instances of suspected sexual abuse and sexual harassment to:

Facility Director, Mrs. Elsa Leal   361-289-4242
Human Resources Director, Mrs. Regina Lee  361-854-4122
Clinical Supervisor, PREA Coordinator, Catherine Modlin 361-289-4242
Clinical Supervisor, Gary Gelinas   361-289-4242

You can make an anonymous report to the:
Corpus Christi Police Department
(361) 886-2600
Nueces County Sheriff’s Dept.
(361) 887-2222

  • The facility shall enable reasonable communication between residents and outside organizations and agencies, in as confidential manner as possible.

You can have a third-party report an incident of sexual harassment or
sexual abuse by having them contact any of the parties listed above.

Individuals affected by Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment may receive mental health counseling by calling or writing the
The Purple Door:
Address: 813 Buford St. Corpus Christi, Texas 78404

Open Records – Health Facilities
The Public Information Act

Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, Public Information, gives you the right to access government records, and an officer for public information and officer’s agent may not ask why you want them. All government information is presumed to be available to the public.
Certain exceptions may apply to the disclosure of the information. Governmental bodies shall release requested information that is not confidential by law, either constitutional, statutory, or by judicial decision, or information for which an exception to disclosure has not been sought.