Specialized Caseloads

The Specialized Caseload Community Supervision Programs (SCP) are designated as alternative sentencing programs in lieu of incarceration in the institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or the Nueces County Jail. These programs are intermediate sanctions for offenders in need of more intensive supervision of participation in a specialized caseload.

Sex Offender Program

The Nueces County Community Supervision and Corrections Department Sex Offender Stabilization Program is designed to supervise sex offenders. Program participants include register sex offenders who are under supervision for a non-sexual offence as well as those who are under supervision for an offense involving deviant sexual behavior.

Domestic Violence Program 


The Nueces County Domestic Violence Program targets offenders under community supervision for an offense involving domestic violence or who have a history of domestic violence against an intimate partner.


The Coastal Bend Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program (TAIP) fills the gap in substance abuse services that are non-existent in our rural areas or are minimal in other areas. TAIP provides offenders with screening, assessment, referral and substance abuse treatment services.

Divert Court 

The Nueces County Drug Court (Divert Court) is a substance abuse initiative. The program duration is twelve months which integrates local criminal justice resources, case  management and substance abuse treatment, and when successfully completed, the felony(state jail or 3rd degree ) charge will be dismissed.

Mental Impairment Caseload 

The Nueces County Mental Impairment Caseloads work with Mental Heath Caseworkers psychiatrists to help the offender maintain emotional stability.

Female Offender Caseload Program 

The Nueces County Female Offender Caseload are designed to provide intensive supervision to high risk females and utilized community referrals.

Nueces County Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) 

SATF is a nine to twelve month Court-ordered residential treatment program. The program consists of Phase I (Orientation), a comprehensive assessment and orientation of treatment and education; Phase II (Main), which includes cognitive restructuring, Thinking-4-A-Change, behavioral awareness / assertiveness skills training, individual counseling, group counseling, 12-step recovery education and support, employment skills training; and Phase III (Transition), which includes employment, relapse prevention skills, and increasing sober support network.  Phase IV (Reintegration) which includes employment, relapse prevention skills, increasing sober support network and planning for release.  Upon completion of the SATF program, the participants will attend one year of Aftercare.

Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility 

The Nueces County Substance Abuse Felony Punishment facility is a residential facility that helps the offenders determine triggers, set boundaries, and provides tools to help them abstain from illicit substances.

Victim’s Unit Program 

The Nueces County Victim’s Unit Program works as an advocate for victims of crimes, mainly domestic violence, and provides information on services available to the victims.

Veterans Court

The Nueces County veterans court supervises veterans who have served in active Combat or Hazardous Duty Areas, who suffer from mental health issues as a result of traumatic events.


The Nueces County Substance Abuse Caseload is designed to target high risk substance abuse offenders, and provides intensive outpatient treatment, frequently reporting ,and frequent urine analysis testing.

Violent Offender Program

The Nueces County Violent offender caseload is designed to work with repeat offenders , assault  offenses and gang affiliation, who’s includes more intensive supervision.